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About Imcan Visa

Whether your goal is to pursue education in Canada or to immigrate to Canada, we at Imcan Visa understand that you and your family will have many concerns beginning with whether you may qualify and also about your future in Canada.

Given the number of unauthorized consultants, scams, and some every sophisticated and convincing marketing methods used in India; we have taken considerable efforts to develop this website with much more detailed information in order to protect you.

Please take the time to review the appropriate sections, The Consultant's view for personal insights, and verify if you qualify before submitting a request for a preliminary evaluation.

The "What you need to Know" part on each category is our attempt to give you the balanced information that you deserve. Our goal is not sales at any cost. You can be assured that you will not be subjected to any pressure tactics or marketing ploys and that you will hear both the negatives as well as positives so that you can make an informed decision. This is, after all, what a true consultancy should be.

A true consultant is someone that

Has the necessary knowledge, experience, and training to properly advise you based on all the facts.

Advise you of BOTH the benefits as well as the risks or negatives; not just state things to convince you to spend your hard earned money.

Will use his knowledge and experience to recommend things that are in the client's best interest as opposed to what is financially beneficial for him.

About The Consultant

The consultant was born in Cochin, India and immigrated to Montreal, Quebec at the age of 7. Has lived in various cities in Canada for over 25 years. Has relocated to India in 2009 and lives in Fort Cochin, Kerala with his wife and 2 kids. Read More...

Member of

We are Canadian Regulated

The owner and consultant is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and a member in good standing at the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), the regulatory body that governs immigration consultants for Canada.

We are Authorized representatives

The Consultant is an Authorized Representative for all visas and immigration to Canada. You can be assured that we have the necessary knowledge and training to advise you about your options and to submit your application legally.

Note: As per Bill C-35 it is ILLEGAL for anyone other than Authorized Representatives to provide any advice at any stage of the application. This includes visa application assistance for study permits, work permits, visit, or for PR. Using the services of unauthorized consultants could lead to rejection and a ban by the embassy.

We are Canadian

The Consultant's wealth of knowledge comes from his experience of studying, working, and living in Canada for more than 25 years. We believe that unless you have lived in a country you are not in a position to give advice about it.

Unlike most consultancies in India that are generalized and deal with several countries, we are a specialized consultancy for Canada ONLY.

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