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Canada A nation of immigrants

Canada is a 'melting pot' of many different cultures and different peoples. Aboriginal peoples have occupied the territory now called Canada for several thousands of years. Read More...

Benefits & Responsibilities of Canadian PR

Free or heavily subsidized high quality education (free for up to higher secondary school, 50% to 65% subsidized education for university or college programs) Read More...

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

FSW Professional - Category under Express Entry : What has changed? 2014 FSWP was a first come first serve process; Express Entry is a continuous process with ongoing selections being made from the pool of candidates Read More...

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

CEC applicants have several advantages over other applicants in the new Express Entry system of immigration. CEC applicants have already integrated into Canadian society and are a valued source of new immigrants for Canada. Read More...

Migrate to Canada Trades Category

CIC launched the new Trades category acknowledging the difficulty for tradespersons (Electricians, Welders, Plumbers, Carpenters, Mechanics, Cooks, Bakers etc.) Read More...

About Us

Whether your goal is to pursue education in Canada or to immigrate to Canada, we at Imcan Visa understand that you and your family will have many concerns beginning with whether you may qualify and also about your future in Canada.

Given the number of unauthorized consultants, scams, and some every sophisticated and convincing marketing methods used in India; we have taken considerable efforts to develop this website with much more detailed information in order to protect you.

Please take the time to review the appropriate sections, The Consultant's view for personal insights, and verify if you qualify before submitting a request for a preliminary evaluation.

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